A defining feature of the Chesapeake Bay is its crab and oyster populations. But, according to NOAA and other scientific reports, the oyster populations in the Chesapeake Bay are only one percent of what they have been historically. Their loss has caused a mass destruction to the Bay environment including loss of water quality and loss of reef systems for other marine life to reside […]


Art and Environmentalism

Why textile art? I get that question from people who are just curious, and from serious artists wondering why I wouldn’t choose a more highly respected medium like oil or acrylic. The simple answer is environmental responsibility. In fact I started out in oils and moved to acrylics along my journey as an artist, but as human impact on the environment has become profoundly detrimental, […]

Ocean Series

Ocean Art

The ebb and flow of the water, and all of the amazing life that exists in our oceans, is of endless fascination to me. I layer linen and gauze in colors that reflect sand, rock, and sea. I often add found objects, or shapes I carve from wood, or utilize glass and other media in order to create a feeling of the ocean. The main […]

Enduring - layered fabric depicting ferns and leaves on the forest floor.

Forest Art

Walking through the woods is a wonderful way to connect with nature in a very intimate way. Most places you go have great vistas…like the ocean, as it allows you to see a great distance away. Forests close in on you, in a comforting way, that makes all the details stand out. Light and shadow play through the trees as the wind shifts them here […]

Textile Art based on a plant cell

Biology Art

When I am working on my ‘biology’ textiles, I often think of the sewing machine as microscope. Even when I’m photographing things, I pick out the tiny details and then amplify them, which brings out the joy of discovering unexpected detail and complexity. For these colorful pieces I typically choose a plant cell, and render it in layered and distressed fabrics. I often use a […]


One small step towards sharing

A very warm welcome! This blog is an opportunity for me to share my art with you as well as my creative process. I also share some art and craft projects that are simple, environmentally friendly, and easy to make. You can find out more about me in the ‘About’ section (at the top of this page). Thank you for stopping in…your thoughts and kind […]