ATC – Artist Trading Cards

ATC Supplies

I’ve been working on some Artist Trading Cards, Known as ATC’s. I used all the scraps from my Ocean Series work and I’m smitten with the results…plus they were a lot of fun to make. It’s nice to work on small things as opposed to always creating large pieces. There’s the more immediate gratification, and […]

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Ocean Art

Ocean Series

The ebb and flow of the water, and all of the amazing life that exists in our oceans, is of endless fascination to me. I layer linen and gauze in colors that reflect sand, rock, and sea. I often add found objects, or shapes I carve from wood, or utilize glass and other media in […]

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Forest Art

Enduring - layered fabric depicting ferns and leaves on the forest floor.

Walking through the woods is a wonderful way to connect with nature in a very intimate way. Most places you go have great vistas…like the ocean, as it allows you to see a great distance away. Forests close in on you, in a comforting way, that makes all the details stand out. Light and shadow […]

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Biology Art

Textile Art based on a plant cell

When I am working on my ‘biology’ textiles, I often think of the sewing machine as microscope. Even when I’m photographing things, I pick out the tiny details and then amplify them, which brings out the joy of discovering unexpected detail and complexity. For these colorful pieces I typically choose a plant cell, and render […]

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