Simple Matryoshka Dolls + Pattern

Simple Matryoshka Dolls + Pattern

This pattern is so easy to use, even fairly young children can do it! This is also a very flexible project in that it can be used for decorative purposes, scrap booking, card making, toy making, and learning tools.


  • Paper OR Fabric OR Felt (bamboo or wool)
  • Scissors
  • Pattern Pieces – SimpleMatryoshkaDolls
  • Glue (paper and/or fabric)
  • fabric paint


  1. print pattern – SimpleMatryoshkaDolls
  2. paste pattern to card stock or a simple cardboard box (like an old cereal box…non corrugated)
  3. trace pattern onto fabric, paper, felt, or whatever you like
  4. cut pattern out and have fun!

Mix and Match with color and/or emotions

This doll was created using felt pieces. You can use wool or bamboo felt (or paper; see last photo). This was created for both color matching, and emotions. I used fabric paint to create facial details. This is especially nice for younger children or children with autism spectrum challenges as it creates an alternative means of expressing feelings. Note: only the sleeves are glued or sewn in place for this project, all other pieces are not glued.

felt version

paper version

Size and Order

For this set, I just reduced the basic pattern in increments of 10% (90%, 80%, 70%, and so on). You can also increase the pattern size as well. I then put together colors I liked and children love putting these in size order. I used regular craft glue to glue all of the paper pieces together, and fabric glue for the felt pieces. Don’t apply a thick layer of glue as it will seep through the felt and can be seen on the front of the doll. I glued down all of the the pieces, but you could leave them apart (except for the sleeves) like the matching doll above.

felt version

paper version

Wall Hanging

For this project, create the matryoshka dolls you like, then frame a piece of fabric (I attached Liberty of London fabric onto stretcher bars), and sew the dolls to the face of the fabric. You’ll need to know the doll sizes before choosing the stretcher bar and fabric sizes. Again, I just reduced the size of the original pattern in 10% increments.

You can always add a baby to the front (it’s in the pattern). Or get creative and add your own details. You can stitch hair lines onto the dolls using thread (see photo above with yellow hair), or add a blanket stitch to the edge (also above).

This image reflects a variety of skin tones and hair colors.

More Ideas

Applique a doll on a dress, skirt, t-shirt, apron, purse, pillowcase, etc.
Paper gift tags
Decorative Pillow
Add flowers to each doll like traditional Matryoshka dolls, or use printed paper/fabric

…I will add more photos in the future as I complete some of these ideas!

…ALSO…I used fabric paints for this projects, which I know are acrylic based. I would hand stitch the faces on now, but would love to hear from you if you have other ideas about creating the face details in a more eco-frinedly manner.

All patterns, tutorials, and photos at this blog were created/produced by Erica Daley and are copyright protected. You may use these patterns to create your own pieces for personal use, classroom use (one copy, not to be distributed to parents or throughout the school), or a limited quantity for re-sale (no more than 10 items total), but please credit “Erica Daley” when labeling them, or posting photos of them in a public format. If you want to create more than 10 items for re-sale, please contact me. DO NOT use any photos. For more information on copyright regulations, please visit: Crafts and Copyrights.

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