Little Sweater Art

Little Sweater Art

This is the perfect project for making a small piece of art out of materials you probably already have lying around the house….old sweaters and fabrics that have fallen into disrepair or disuse are perfect and eco-friendly.

Sweater material is so nice to sew and embroider…the needle moves through like butter. And the thickness and texture are very comforting. Best of all its super easy and you get very quick results. This project is very child friendly too!

You won’t need as many supplies as reflected in the photo below, but its fun to gather up all your favorite scraps and tools in all your favorite colors. You will need the following:

  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • 2 needles (1 sewing, and 1 embroidery)
  • Embroidery floss
  • thread
  • Sweater and fabric scraps
  • Ribbon or twine (to hang)
  • Small flat craft store boards (any size you like…this piece for the mushroom below is 2″ X 3″)
  • LittleSweaterArt…Optional…print out these simple patterns if you’d like a little help to start, but you can make any shapes you like.

  1. Place your board on the sweater scrap and cut around the board about 1/4″ bigger than the board. You’ll need two pieces…front and back. Then cut out your small pieces. In this example I created a mushroom. You’ll also need your scrap of ribbon or twine.

  1. Cut your ribbon/twine to your desired length plus 1″ on either end. Place a little glue at the top of the board, and then place your ribbon/twine ends over the glue. Add a drop of glue to each corner, and the center. If your sweater material is thin, the glue will show through, so don’t use too much.

  1. Place your ‘back’ piece of sweater on the board, making sure it is centered. Then turn the board over and press down to be sure the glue will stick. The glue will be dry enough to sew the sides together when you have completed placing your details on the ‘front’ piece.

  1. Sew the under part of the mushroom (light green in this photo) to the center of your piece of sweater. Next sew the mushroom stem on so the top is touching the top of the center piece.Last, sew the mushroom top on so it is covering the top of the stem.


  1. When you have completed the ‘front’ piece, place four or five dots of glue to the front of your board, and place the ‘front’ in the center, and press down. Again, the glue will seep through if the sweater material is thin, or if you use too much glue. A little goes a long way. Wait a few minutes for the glue to set up (but you don’t have to wait for it to dry).
  1. Use your embroidery floss and sew a blanket stitch around the outside edge, taking special care at the hanging ribbon/twine. Try to stitch through the ribbon/twine as well, to make it extra secure.

You’re done! Truly easy, which is very satisfying.

Of course you can keep it simple like this, or go for broke and add lots of details. For a large piece I added evergreen boughs, stones, moss, and grass. See below…


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