I grew up in Napa Valley, California, and lived in Seattle and San Francisco before moving to Maryland in 1999. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities from UMUC and have been a teacher and artist for many years. I currently reside in Southern Maryland with my husband and son.

Fine Art
My textile and fiber art is a reflection of nature and the world around me. I focus on color and texture as a means of conveying my thoughts and ideas in order to interpret what I see. I prefer organic and free flowing forms that show movement and intensity that are both chaotic and composed, which is a direct reflection of our natural environment and our reaction to it. I prefer abstract forms as they leave their meaning open to the viewer. Each person can be moved by a piece through their own perceptions and feelings so I am offering a suggestion in the title and composition of a piece, and allowing the individual viewer to respond to it. My work evolves and changes as my own feelings and perceptions change, and as our environment changes, so I think of it as alive and dynamic and ultimately timeless and without boundaries.

I use mostly textiles to create my pieces and often include found objects from nature. My favorite materials include; organic cotton and linen fabrics and thread, up-cycled fabrics, hand spun yarns, shells, wood, and stone.

Almost all of the photos here on my Blog, on Instagram, and on Flickr were taken by me. I always credit a photo that has been taken by someone else.

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