Running Rabbit Pattern

A winsome little rabbit wandering through a meadow of wildflowers makes for a lovely little wall hanging. It’s very easy to create too! Collect your supplies as follows: Print RunningRabbitPattern 10” X 6” piece of fabric for rabbit (I used Liberty of London) 11″ X 16″ piece of background fabric (I used a soft blue […]

Simple Matryoshka Dolls

This pattern is so easy to recreate, that anyone (over the age of 4 or 5) can do it! This is also a very flexible project in that it can be used for decorative purposes, scrap booking, card making, toy making, and learning tools. Materials: Paper OR Fabric OR Felt (bamboo or wool) Scissors Pattern […]

Little Sweater Art

This is the perfect project for making a small piece of art out of materials you probably already have lying around the house….old sweaters and fabrics that have fallen into disrepair or disuse are perfect and eco-friendly. Sweater material is so nice to sew and embroider…the needle moves through like butter. And the thickness and […]

Forest Art

Walking through the woods is a wonderful way to connect with nature in a very intimate way. Most places you go have great vistas…like the ocean, as it allows you to see a great distance away. Forests close in on you, in a comforting way, that makes all the details stand out. Light and shadow […]